Corporate Giving

Highmark believes that corporate giving is part of being a good corporate citizen. Our corporate giving program is an important part of our culture – we want to be a great company but also do good works. Our philosophy is that giving is part of being a good community partner and that it plays an important role in creating an esprit de corps within the Highmark team.

We have found that the passion and creativity of our employees emerge when they know their efforts make a difference – and a large part of that comes through helping others. We take special pride when our employees make an extraordinary impact by engaging with their communities and we have several programs in place to support their work.

In 2013, the company, employees, and our owners contributed to multiple organizations including, Homes For Our Troops, Kiva, PenFed Foundation, and The V Foundation.

All have the highest ratings in Charity Navigator indicating that a large percentage of donations go directly to their programs and not administrative costs.

The V Foundation is a Raleigh-based cancer research charity. Homes for Our Troops builds homes for severely injured veterans. Kiva provides micro financing (small interest-free loans) to individuals to help lift them out of poverty. The PenFed Foundation supports wounded soldiers and their families by providing financial management assistance and home ownership aid. The foundation is also the primary sponsor of the new $12.5 million Defenders Lodge supported by donated land from the government and financed entirely through private donations.