Highmark has four guiding principles that are the cornerstones to our success.

  1. Maintain a company-wide focus on our customers.
  2. Create an employee friendly work environment and culture.
  3. Invest strategically in our back office infrastructure.
  4. Give back to the communities where we work and live.

Company-Wide Customer Focus

Highmark has proven that the best growth strategy is to perform outstanding work for our current clients. By “taking care of business”, we build a trust with our customers who then turn to us to solve problems in other areas, who are willing to recommend us to other people within their organization, and who will be references for prospective clients.

Employee Friendly Work Environment

Highmark is a technology and professional services business. As such, our employees are our greatest asset since they are our product. We strive to be an employer of choice so that we can attract and retain the best and brightest professionals in the industries we support. In doing so, we have created an environment and culture where our employees can succeed. Our employees advance based upon merit, receive rewards based upon their contributions and performance, and get the support they need from management and our corporate administrative staff.

Strategic Investment in Back Office Infrastructure

We have often heard outsiders question how a company’s infrastructure can be strategic and how could it be important enough to be one of Highmark’s four guiding principles. Most companies do not view their infrastructure as an investment. Instead, it is viewed as an expense which generally means that it is underfunded, understaffed, and overlooked. Our back office infrastructure consists of recruiting, human resources, contracts, accounting, and technology. It is the backbone to everything we do and, with continual investment, will always be a key discriminator between us and the service providers with whom we compete. We value our infrastructure and work hard to make it a world class operation.

Corporate Giving

Highmark believes that corporate giving is part of being a good corporate citizen. Our corporate giving program is an important part of our culture—we want to be a great company but also do good works. Our philosophy is that giving is part of being a good community partner and that it plays an important role in creating an esprit de corps within the Highmark team.